Der Titel "Sounds & Songs" beschreibt das Duo Programm von Sänger Max Peters und Pianist Henning Neidhardt. Angereichert mit Synthesizern, Sequenzen und Beats, steht immer der Song in seiner Essenz im Vordergrund. Das Duo verarbeitet dabei Verschiedenstes: von The Beatles bis a-ha, Jazzstandards bis Eigenem. 
The title "Sounds and Songs" is a perfect description of Max Peters' (vocals) and Henning Neidhardt's (keys) new show. Supported by synthesizers, sequences and beats, the focus is always put on the essence of a particular song. Within their concert, the duo draws from a wide range of musical areas: from the Beatles to a-ha, from jazz standards to own compositions.
Black And Gold Sam Sparro
Blackbird The Beatles